$12 Lunch’s Special

Enjoy our selected Classic Asian Cuisines from Tuesday – Friday. Try our Lunch’s Special

$12 for Dining – in & Takeaway (Lunch 11.30 a.m. – 2.00 p.m.)

$12 Chicken Rice Noodle Soup

Tendered chicken’s breast with rice noodle and bean sprout in aromatic Traditional Asian soup.

$12 Thai Omelette on Rice

Thai’ style Omelette¬†with chopped onion and tomatoes serves on the steamed Jasmine Rice and Spicy Ketchup Sauce.

$12 Sticky Fried Chicken on Rice

Battered Chicken’s breast with Caramelized Sweet & Sour sauce on crispy fried rice noodle and Steamed Jasmine Rice.

$12 Chicken and Rice Soup

Rice Soup’s broth with Chicken’s breast, fresh ginger, chopped onion, and topped with fried garlic.